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Deshawn Jagwan – a son, a brother, a confidant – brought pure joy to every life he encountered. He was born in Plano, Texas, raised in Richardson, and was extremely proud of his home city and upbringing. 


At the young age of two, Deshawn developed a serious love for the game of basketball. Being immersed in the sports realm at such an early age and wanting to follow in his older brother Brandon’s footsteps (but in his own way!) – Deshawn’s basketball journey began. His first league was at PSA in Plano and then followed to larger leagues in Duncanville as well as the Sportsplex in Dallas. He and his family traveled together every weekend competing at all levels, including AAU. Basketball was his passion and remained so his entire life. He never faltered or considered any other sport.


The impact Deshawn left on his community will last a lifetime. His sense of humor was unmatched and he was loved by all! Deshawn was a loving and kind-hearted young man. He never met a stranger and viewed friendship as brotherhood and family. He fought adversity throughout the years but overcame each and every hurdle with the most genuine smile on his face. Deshawn’s love for life, giving soul and faith in the Lord has driven his family to create the Deshawn Jagwan Athletic Foundation. This foundation is geared toward awarding minority athletes who have demonstrated compassion for others and a true love for basketball.

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